April 20th, 2014

The Tough Turtle on Saturday, April 19, 2014 was a huge success, made possible with the support and enthusiasm of more than 1,000 people! Thanks to all our Tough Turtle racers, volunteers, and spectators. A special thanks to all our terrific sponsors, FundRACERs, and those who gave to the cause by supporting the Tough Turtle and Ithaca Children's Garden. Thank you!

April 19th, 2014

We want to see your best action shot, team outfit, finish line pose, and anything you captured from the Tough Turtle. Post them with the hashtag #toughturtle on Facebook, Twitter (@TheToughTurtle) and Instagram (@toughturtleithaca) so we can see your best wet, muddy, gooey, pictures.


We know it took a lot of effort to run, climb, slide, and stay strong through the water stream coming right at you, but remember to check for ticks!


Want to find out how YOU can get involved with sponsoring the Tough Turtle? Find out more about sponsorship opportunities HERE or contact: lindsey@toughturtleithaca.com

Ithaca Children’s Garden

The Ithaca Children's Garden mission is to inspire, promote and sustain youth and community stewardship of the natural environment through garden-based learning and discovery. We work towards this mission in creative and innovative ways, inviting kids to be kids, explore, and discover.

What happens when you plant a seed, then care for it as it grows into a mature plant? Can you feed yourself? What happens when you compost your food scraps... can you grow more? What happens when you climb a tree? How far can you see? What happens when you work hard? Work together? Play hard? Play together? These are just some of the lessons children are learning every day at the Ithaca Children's Garden. With increasingly scheduled and busy lives, children's healthy development depends on having unstructured and safe access to the great outdoors where they can play and be kids. ICG is free and open every day of the year from dawn to dusk and offers extensive quality programming year round that is affordable and accessible to all.

To learn more, visit ithacachildrensgarden.org